Freddy the duck and Volker show you
how you can learn to swim
very easily and with a lot of fun.

You learned how to walk, because adults showed it to you.
Eating, drinking, riding your bike - you learned all those things by imitation.

You can learn swimming excactly like that as well. In this educational film we will show you 10 steps.

If you really pay attention you may practise them together with your parents the next time you go to the pool.
There is one trick about it. There are children who have watched this film very closely 10, 20 even 30 times and therefore only needed a few hours of practise in the pool to be able to swim.

For me as a sports and swimming teacher, it is a very important matter, to make the process of learning how to swim as easy as possible. You should rejoice in being in the element water. In order for swimming to be fun you should bear a few things in mind.

Meanwhile more than 4000 kids have prepared themselves for the lessons with this educational film.

Sometimes mothers call me and ask whether their child can already participate in a class when being 3 years old. In such a case i advise them to wait a little longer and offer them to already watch the DVD beforehand. The ideal age to learn swimming is 5. Nevertheless you can already prepare yourself in advance.

Learning to swim without any plan can be very difficult for many children. Often parents report about the stict voice of the teacher and whining kids during the lessons. This should become a thing of the past!

Swimming should be an acquirement which is fun, therefore this educational film is a reasonable investment. A positive aspect of this kind of visual learning is the reduction of time necessary in order to learn. The quickly gained feeling of success is very important, especially when it comes to swimming. It boosts our childrens self confindence.

Show this film to your kids. They will thank you for it!

The sooner your child can swim, the less you have to worry. The sense of achievement affects the entire personal development in a very positive way.

"If I have no floor under my feet I’m afraid!"

"As a child I almost drowned"

"I always have to find excuses, so I don't have to go into the water"

"I don't know, but it is so exhausting to keep my head above the water for a few seconds. It looks so easy when other people do it...!"

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you know this kind of fear yourself. I have heard these statements from uncountable adult nonswimmers.

During the attempt to learn to swim during childhood, many of them had negative experiences so that understandably they thereupon avoided the element water for years. A lot of them are quite astonished to see how easily their fears are dispelled when they work at their leisure through the ten exercises on this DVD.

There is an innumerable amount of adult nonswimmers. Many of them are afraid to sign up for a swimming lesson. They fear they could embarrass themselves. 

What would people think, if they knew i couldn’t swim? What would i have to expect? Who would be watching? What if it doesn’t work for me? I have coped with it for 30 years, i don’t necessarily have to be able to swim now.

If it were clear what exactly you would have to expect, would you decide to give it a try?
If there were 10 steps, that you could even practise on your own and that would lead to success for everybody… wouldn’t that be amazing?

I am an university-qualified sports-teacher. For many years i was in the german national team of sport-swimmers. Thats wy I have an eye for the basics which leads to success.
Learn to swim is easy, if you do the right things to the right time. I give you ten steps, which everery adult can learn to swim at the adge of the swimming pool without fear. I give you simple and easily understood exercises that help you to feel at ease in and under the water, in order to directly afterwards achieve the first success swimming and diving.

Each individual step must be practised until this ability has become automatic. That is logical, because for swimming, several things are necessary at the same time. Only when the most important prerequisites have become second nature, the coordination of the individual steps is possible. Adults also learn to swim most easily by imitation. Therefore a DVD is the best solution to practise for the applied training.
It doesn’t matter whether the clients do or don’t have a fear of water. This method works for everyone.
This DVD only shows participants who came as a nonswimmer and turned into a swimmer in one hour during the filming. Here you can watch a small part of the video where Volker Baars is practising his 10-step method with adult nonswimmers.

With this instructional film everyone can learn swimming including yourself! Build up self-confidence by conquering your fears; increase the quality of your life and learn swimming independent of your age. If you are an insecure or frightened swimmer, my 10-step method will help you become a safer and calmer swimmer.

The ability to swim is priceless. It is an enourmous increase in the quality of life! Swimming is good for every muscle. Many adults may have also avoided to go on a cruise, because the feeling of insecurity is constantly present. A lot of adults also want to be role models for their children when they get to the age where they learn to swim.
Order the distance learning course with the 10-step method for adult nonswimmers on DVD now. This DVD is unique and only sold here. What is more quality in life, more security and a higher self confidence worth to you?

In order for you to understand how successful the 10-step method is and how convinced I am, I am offering you the following:

- 100 days money-back guarantee, if you don‘t have any success with my method
- personal coaching with me by phone, if you have any questions concerning the DVD
- a 10 % discount in case you would like to enroll in one of my swimming courses

Now it is on you to take the opportunity, or hold on to the lifesaver im handing you.
Only you can decide for yourself and it is in your hands whether you take the step from a frightened nonswimmer to a self confident swimmer.
I wish you plenty of success with my 10-step method and that you will quickly go from nonswimmer to swimmer. Get to know the element water from its most beautiful side!

Best regards

Your Volker Baars

See for yourself what excited clients say about this DVD:

Dear Volker Baars
I want to start by thanking you very much for this DVD. After a bad experience in the water when I was a child, i developed fear. Thanks to your DVD I made unexpected progress. Is there a continuative DVD? If so I would love to buy it! I am still quite anxious when it comes to backstroke. Do you have any tips for me?
Best regards,
S. T.

I recently ordered your DVD and immediately tried practising the 10 steps. I must admit it was quite easy in general. After 2 hours in the pool I can now swim 10-15 meters. I can even keep my head above the water and can breathe trough my mouth, but I cannot develop any further. For this short distance I need so much energy that my arms start hurting and I have to stop. In order to keep my head above the water I have to strongly move my hands which I can’t do for very long. When I look at other swimmers it doesn’t seem to take them as much effort and they don’t even seem to breathe. Is there a trick to it? What am I doing wrong?
Best regards,

My reply:
It is fantastic, that you mastered this first step so well! For every beginner it is difficult to begin with. That is very normal. As you continue to exercise, the fine motor skills will improve. Why do competitive athletes swim about 6 hours a day? The answer to it is very simple: To develop fine motor skills in their hands and feet. Never say die and just continue to practise the steps! Have fun! 
Best regards,

Volker Baars