Learning to swim without getting wet
The hectic schedule of modern life requires proven techniques that shorten the time it takes to learn the skills you want. Learn to swim for kids and learn to swim for adults DVDs can help everyone to swim more easily, quickly and without fear. Given the inherent dangers associated with water using an imitation method to learn to swim is particularly useful. Children will get an accelerated start in their swimming classes at school and adults are able to overcome fears that may be stopping them from taking the plunge.

The use of mental rehearsal to improve performance
Nowadays there is an educational film to help you learn to do just about anything. Whether singing, fishing, or driving they prepare the student to perform better. Scientists in sports psychology have learned that mental rehearsal, which occurs in this type of learning, helps performance in sports when doing challenging tasks, which also has been proven by several studies. In a Canadian study participants learned a series of foot movements through mental rehearsal alone. At the end of the study they all showed improvement in performance. Brain scans showed changes consistent with those caused by actual physical practice. Mental practice improved their performance because of the preparation involved and the anticipation of movements.

Benefits for children, parents and swimming instructors
You may want to buy learn to swim for kids to help your own child to swim quickly. Or perhaps you are a swimming instructor looking for innovative techniques to help speed the progress of your students in your schools swimming classes. Volker Baars is a university qualified sports teacher. He was in the German national team of sports swimmers for many years. This gave him an awareness of the importance of getting the basics right in order to achieve success. He reassures that learning to swim is easy if you do the right things at the right time. In learn to swim for kids he has used his depth of knowledge to create a proven method that will get children off to a solid and speedy start. By watching the learn to swim for kids DVD the child sees what he or she is supposed to do during swimming lessons in school. There are also things for them to practice at home. This means, when they get in the water they will have a strong knowledge of what to do. Their rate of learning will be faster and easier and they will be more confident during their swimming lessons.

The fear and embarrassment of adult non-swimmers
Many adults are unable to swim. This can either be a result of fear caused by a bad childhood experience or just never having learned and now feeling embarrassed to start. Just like in learn to swim for kids the adults DVD has simple and easily understood exercises that will help you to feel at ease in the water. Adults, like children, learn best by imitation. Over 3000 children have been helped by the methods in learn to swim for kids by practicing the exercises you too can succeed and learn to love the water.

I wish you plenty of success learning how to swim with my 10-step method and that you will quickly go from nonswimmer to swimmer!

Best regards
Your Volker Baars

Learn-To-Swim picture-method by degreed sports teacher
Volker Baars: Freddy the duck presentation-board-set

  • Do you give swimming lessons?
  • Do you want the children to learn swimming in a faster and easier way?
  • Do you want to simplify your job tremendously?

    Children learn easiest by imitation.
    On these presentation boards Freddy the duck shows different exercises. You can print and laminate these pictures and set them up at the pool edge.
    Step by step you may insert one image after the other. First one picture, then number 1 and 2, then 1,2 and 3 and so on. With this method children can further develop their abilities, beginning from the easiest exercises (starting at no.1) up to the more difficult ones (ending at no.10). Kids benefit from it, because they love to imitate the exercises. The pictures show exactly what you have to do in order to learn swimming.

  • Therefore, you as the coach have to explain less.
  • The noise level will be reduced considerably.
  • The exercising rate will be increased significantly.

    Freddy the duck is fun!

    With the picture method everything happens directly at the edge of the pool which makes it one of the easiest ways to learn swimming. However, ALWAYS be very attentive, since children may let go of the edge of the pool out of carelessness. At the pool edge kids barely show fear. That way, with the help of Freddy the duck, they can practise the basics for swimming in the most easy and fast way.

  • No.1 - Blowing duck

    No.2 - Paddeling duck

    No.3 - Diving duck

    No.4 - Bicycling duck

    No.5 - Frog-legged duck

    No.6 - Spinner duck

    No.7 - Nonsense duck

    No.8 - Swimming duck 1

    No.9 - Swimming duck 2

    No.1: blowing duck
    Freddy the duck is blowing into the water making a really loud noise. Thereby the lips are pressed together so that no water can get into the mouth and so that you can build up enough pressure to not get water up your nose.

    No.2: paddeling duck
    Freddy the duck is splashing its feet loudly onto the water surface. The shoulders have to be under water.

    No.3: diving duck
    Before the duck can dive it takes a very deap breath. Not till then Freddy can dive. Whoever wants to hold ones nose can do so. At first the eyes can stay shut. After an appropriate familiarization it will work with the eyes open as well.

    No.4: bicycling duck
    Right when the one hand is pushing down on the water strongly, the other hand can move further down on the pool edge. This is only possible, when the shoulders are really under water and the palm of the hand is pushing down very far.

    No.5: frog-legged duck
    Freddy the duck is moving its toes vertically upwards along the side of the pool and is then opening its legs to trace a big circle until the legs are closed and Freddy starts all over again.

    No.6: spinner-duck
    The palm of the hand is pushing the water away doing a big semi circle motion, so that Freddy the duck can perform half a turn at the edge of the pool. The position of the hand is diagonal, just like the wing of a plane to the wind. The arms have to stay elongated so that you can clearly feel the pressure of the palms. The fingers should be spread widely just like the wings of a bat. That allows a child to use the highest possible pressure and strain.

    No.7: nonsense duck
    Before the nonsense duck can float, it is necessary to take a very deap breath, hold your breath and push your hair completely under water. To make the nonsense duck work, make sure, that every child can open their eyes under water.

    No.8: swimming duck under water with holding on
    Take a deap breath, push your head completely under water and start doing wide, strong swimming motions. It only works when hair and shoulders are under water. Are the eyes really open? Frog legs are requested.

    No.9: swimming duck under water without holding on to the pool edge
    This exercise only works for children who manage No.8 very well and move forward quickly. Please only introduce No.9 when No.8 works perfectly! It is necessary to remind the kids that they have tob e able to keep their eyes open under water so that they can see the side of the pool and not move too far away from it in case they need air during their first couple of tries.

    Not till the kids can swim about 5 meters quickly under water, which means a good, fast forward movement by arms and legs is given, is swimming above the water possible. The picture on which the duck is swimming above water is not available in the learn-to-swim picture set for a reason. The children should not experience failure. They will automatically swim above water once these 10 steps have really become second nature. You can see all the practise steps in the educational film "learn-to-swim for children".

    Please respect that the images are protected by copyright and may not be passed on to a third party.

    We wish you lots of fun and success with my picture method.

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