Swimming tipps for beginners

Learning to swim can be a liberating experience. As well as helping to keep you safe around water, it opens up a new form of physical activity as well as the possibility of safely enjoying other activities such as sailing. Becoming a swimmer can also introduce you to new people and, thus, can improve your social life. The sense of achievement, that you will feel once you have mastered your first swimming stroke, will live with you for years.

Learn how to swim online

But is it really possible to learn how to swim online? Well, it is, but with some important factors to take into account. Nothing can fully replace the experience of working with a properly qualified instructor in a pool. There are, however, limitations as to what can be achieved during pool-based lessons. An instructor simply does not have the time to teach each student personally, unless you can afford to hire a personal instructor. This makes learning the specific techniques employed in each swimming stroke tricky to properly understand. There are a host of coordinated movements to carry out each time you perform a swimming stroke, and, if you are not used to physical exertion, this can sometimes be difficult to get right at first. This is where technology can help. There are very good videos that can be used to help you learn how to swim online, for example Volker Baars’ educational films, which are not only available online, but also on DVD. Watching films of swimmers can show you how strokes should be performed in detail. It is also possible to see how new swimmers improve quickly, which easily increases your own motivation. Using social media tools in addition allows you to share your progress with others in a similar situation and to keep track of your progress while you learn how to swim online.

Practice in the pool too

Of course, you cannot learn how to swim without getting into the water. It is essential that you turn your theoretical knowledge into practical ability, and the only way to do that is to get wet, even if you have decided to learn how to swim online. Taking actual swimming lessons with an instructor is the best way to complement your work with technology. A real-life instructor provides further encouragement and feedback a video can hardly give. It also introduces you to other beginner swimmers, who can help you to stay motivated and share useful experiences. There is nothing like trying out the things in the water that you have learned in order to fix methods and movements in your mind. This does not mean that you cannot also practice on your own applying the things that you have learned online. Always remember to respect the imminent dangers of water, though. Swimming alone, especially if you are not that competent yet, is never to be recommended. Always swim with a competent swimmer nearby or in a public pool, where there are attendants, who can help if you get into difficulty. Safety is always key, especially if you have decided to learn how to swim online.