Fear of water?

There are many people out there that are afraid to learn how to swim. This fear can be rooted in a childhood trauma or a water-related accident. Maybe it simply stems from a healthy respect for the power that water can have. Those same people, who fear learning how to swim, see people freely swimming in pools, lakes, oceans and anywhere there is water. They will see children happily splashing and adults doing fun dives into the water. These people are having fun, getting exercise and relaxation, and are able to go on cruises rather safely. So how does a person that fears water or swimming transition into having a good time swimming in the water?

Watch a swim lesson video

The one true way to destroy almost any fear is with knowledge. People fear what they don’t know or can't understand. Watching a video that teaches swimming is a good way to start gathering that knowledge. It’s comfortable because you can learn the swimming basics at home in a safe environment, outside of a group setting. You can see for yourself what swimming is all about. Just knowing that it’s okay will alleviate a lot of fear. There’s a difference between going in for swimming lessons without prior knowledge and taking swimming lessons knowing what the process is all about. Once you learned the basics on your own at home, it’s a good idea to take an official swim lesson with a qualified instructor.

Take at least one swim lesson

Once you have gathered knowledge, you can do the next thing, which is to face your fear. A good swimming instructor will teach you ways with which you can gradually become more comfortable with being in the water. Your first swim lesson will probably not even have anything to do with actual swimming – so that’s not something to worry about. A swim lesson, especially for beginners, may start with simply standing in the water. It can progress to putting your face in the water. Having gotten used to that, the students of swim lessons will likely attempt to float in a shallow pool. These are all steps towards removing the different layers of fear. Once a person gets to the point where they can relax enough to float, then they are usually ready to learn how to swim.

Take it slow

Fear is usually deep-rooted, but swimming represents freedom from fear. The quicker someone can overcome their fear, the faster they will learn to swim. Fear of swimming and water is often a lifelong affliction. Learning to overcome it will open a person up to a whole new world of enjoyment. Getting past fear also helps people to become more courageous and determined. While you should still have a healthy respect for water, you shouldn’t fear it. Just take it slow and start with a swim lesson video to see how easy it is to learn swimming.