Swimming problems?

Learning to swim is something that everyone should do, ideally as early as possible. But also as an adult who never learned how to swim, acquiring this skill makes you feel safer around water and provides a form of exercise, which is great for losing weight and building muscle tone. While many nonswimmers might be put off by the idea of taking lessons, there are ways to ensure that you are not learning to swim in a high pressure environment. Using digital technology, such as Volker Baars’ educational video, can ease the potential burden of learning to swim.

Ease the poolside pressure with a film

The pool can be an intimidating place if you are not used to it. The water seems rather cold at first, while the sounds echo strangely and you have to be dressed in very little clothing. Such an environment can make it hard to find the encouragement and motivation to learn to swim. There are ways to combat this, however. One way is to prepare for this venture by watching online films or DVDs. Those learning aids should be of high quality such as Volker Baars’ educational videos available online and on DVD. They can help you see that swimming is actually a very relaxing form of exercise, and that the water is something to rejoice in, rather than to be frightened of. Watching a video of top swimmers in action can inspire you to take part, but, equally, so can films of beginners' lessons and people enjoying the water. Overcoming that fear of the water in a pupil is often the biggest test that a swimming instructor faces. Instructors can therefore also benefit from watching films and reading online materials which offer guidance on how to help learner swimmers. So much of teaching any subject, but especially sports like swimming, is centered upon creating the right learning environment, and helping pupils become more receptive to ideas. Learning to swim is no different in this regard from any other technical sport, such as ice skating or gymnastics. An instructor needs to learn how best to create a space in which everyone can learn effectively – and digital tools help them do this.

Learning to swim is a great social activity too

By learning to swim, someone can also open up a new world of social contact. Many people who are drawn to adult swimming lessons, for example, can find plenty of things in common with each other. They can also help each other to stay motivated and to keep learning. Using phone apps or social media also makes it possible to track each other's progress, and to help each other work on weaknesses. Thanks to technology you can also stay in touch with swimming instructors more easily, who can provide additional guidance away from the pool. Furthermore, learning to swim makes it possible to enjoy other, more adventurous sports, such as sailing or canoeing. By learning to swim in a relaxed way, free from pressure, using digital learning technology, really can offer a way to a new, healthier, more active lifestyle.